Complete Footcare Clinic

Paediatric Podiatry

Paediatric (children’s) podiatry requires a specialised approach, which is why it is important you seek the services of podiatrists and chiropodists who have been trained in paediatric podiatry, such as those at Complete Footcare Clinic. Our specially trained podiatrists will be able to provide a full assessment of your child’s condition and, if required, perform the necessary corrective treatments.

We provide treatments for all types of paediatric conditions, including:

  • Bow Legs And Knock Knees

  • Flatfoot

  • Growing Pains

  • Fallen Arches ( Over Pronation)

  • Intoed / Out Toed Gait

  • Severs Disease (Heel pain)

  • Osgood Schlatters Disease

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Sweaty Feet

  • Verruca

It can often be difficult to tell whether there is an issues with children. If your child presents any of the following symptoms, we recommend contacting us to perform a full assessment, as they may have an untreated foot or lower limb condition.

  • They have complaints of pain, soreness or stiffness, especially following sport or exercise

  • You notice anything unusual about your child’s feet or legs

  • Someone makes a comment about your child’s feet or legs seeming unusual

  • Your child consistently asks to be carried when you are out