Custom Orthotics are prescribed biomechanical medical footwear insoles made to treat or adjust various biomechanical disorders and painful conditions in the feet and body.

Each patient assessment is thorough as orthotics are prescribed to each patients needs a full biomechanical physical and gait examination of the feet, lower limbs and back.

Biomechanics is the science of assessing the effects of mechanical forces in the feet and body while standing walking and running, when a patient’s biomechanics are improved the body functions more efficiently and without pains.

Poor foot function contributes to poor biomechanics and causes many pains in our feet and the rest of our body.

At Complete Footcare Clinic, we bring 22yrs of expertise and experience to prescribe a top quality custom orthotic to meet your needs and requirements.

Biomechanical Problems

The feet often suffer from increase in pressure on foot structures and the surrounding soft tissues, creating localised pain in the foot and ankle, as well as problems in the lower limbs, knees, hips and back. Correction of poor foot biomechanics can improve and prevent many types of symptoms, such as:

  • Forefoot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

  • Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis/Policeman’s Heel)

  • Heel Spur

  • Sever’s Disease (Paediatric Heel Pain)

  • Ankle Pain (Tibalis Dysfunction, Lateral Impingement Syndrome)

  • Shin Pain (Compartmental Syndrome, Shin Splints)

  • Knee Pain (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Patella Tibial Syndrome)

  • Bunions / Hammer Toe / High Arch

  • Metatarsalgia / Mortons Neuroma

  • Diabetic Foot / Flat Foot / Callus

  • Neuroma / Corns / Arthritis

  • Children’s Flat Foot

  • Children’s Intoed And Outoed Gain

  • Sciatica / Polymyalgia / Fibromyalgia

  • Structural Leg Limb Discrepancy

  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  • Knee Pain / Hip Pain / Back Pain

The Solution

The aim of a foot orthosis is to correct dysfunctional biomechanics and therefore:

  • Reduce Pain

  • Provide Support

  • Prevent Or Halt The Development Of Foot Deformity

  • Provide Better Positioning

  • Relieve Pressure On A Certain Area Of The Foot

  • Improve The Overall Biomechanical Function Of The Foot

  • Improve Pelvic Alignment

  • Reduce Lower Limb Torsion And Knee Stress

This allows joints to be aligned correctly and promotes efficient transmission of biomechanical forces

At Complete Footcare Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to any biomechanical problem. We understand that the underlying problem may not always be located around the area of the body where symptoms develop. In some cases, the problem may lie in a number of areas, such as poor posture, pelvic malalignment, leg length discrepancies, tight or poorly-toned muscles. We can use foot orthotics to improve posture and accommodate for any limb length discrepancy; they can be designed to fit in many types and styles of slim fitting shoes. However, if your specific foot problem makes footwear fitting difficult, we can advise upon the different types of footwear that are available and even make footwear to your individual requirements.

Custom Arch Supports vs Custom Orthotics

Custom arch supports are arch supports that provide support and cushioning to the heels, toes and the entire foot. They are usually made of foam or gel material. They have no medical or biomechanical benefit and are usually prescribed by non-medical staff.

Custom orthotics are completely different; they are medical devices that correct biomechanical and foot issues, such as problems with how you walk, stand and run. It is vitally important if you have any foot or biomechanical issue to attend a qualified medical practitioner trained in the prescription of custom orthotics.

Sports Orthotics

Sports injuries can occur due to a traumatic incident or overuse of a specific body part. A sports injury requires rehabilitation to allow a person to get back to full health and return to their choice of sport. Sports orthotics will provide an important part of this rehab process, particularly in lower limb injury.

In general, if there is a biomechanical dysfunction or gait abnormality present, such as excessive pronation (rolling in) of the feet, or weakness in a specific muscle group causing the foot to contact the ground in an abnormal way, this can cause excessive stresses or strains to the lower limb, making them more susceptible to injury. Sports orthotics are prescribed to allow more normal movement and restore normal biomechanical function. They can also be used directly to offload pain and promote healing in certain lower limb injuries.

Our clinician has vast experience with all levels of sports injuries, from joggers in the park to elite athletes. If you feel this treatment may be appropriate for you, a biomechanical assessment can determine whether you would benefit from sports orthotics. If appropriate, our clinician will design a prescription for you and manufacture the orthotics to suit your individual requirements.

Traumatic Injuries Treated

Overuse Injuries Treated