Lunula Laser Treatment

Complete Footcare Clinic now offers the Lunula Laser Treatments for fungal nails.
Lunula Laser Treatment is a scientifically proven treatment for onychomycosis e.g. fungal nail infections. This innovative and effective treatment uses a cold, low-level laser to treat onychomycosis with no pain, zero recovery time and no side effects.
By combining two therapeutic wavelengths (405 and 635 nm) the laser safely and effectively treats the infection.
In four, 12-minute sessions, lunula laser treatment can restore clear, healthy nails in only three months.

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Lunula Laster Treatment on This Morning

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Lunula Laser Treatment FAQ

  • How does the Lunula Laser Treatment work?

    Lunar laser is the only multifaceted approach to fungal nail infections. Unlike some of the other onychomycosis treatment options like oral medications and creams. Lunula laser painlessly penetrates the nail at the site of the infection, delivering an effective fungal nail treatment that doesn’t produce any side effects.

  • How is the Lunula Laser Treatment administered?

    This fungal nail treatment is a non-invasive and completely painless treatment. We’ll ask you to remove your shoes and socks, and may ask you to clean your foot if debris is present. We will then ask you to place your foot into the small compact Lunula laser machine. To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment we’ll adjust your foot before activating the machine. The patient keeps their foot in the machine for 12 minutes. Once the 12-minute timer elapses, the patient can put their shoes and socks back on as the treatment session is complete. Generally speaking, about four, 12-minute sessions will be required and results will be visible within three months.