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Verruca/Fungal Nail

Verrucae are warts on your feet which are notoriously difficult to treat, we provide a range of treatments which will remove these painful growths. This is a common infection which affects most people at least once in their lives, it is more commonly found in children and young adults. If left untreated, verrucae can begin to cause pain when walking, which is why if you do notice a verruca on your foot it is important you seek treatment for it.

What Causes Verrucae?

A verruca is a virus which is picked up through physical contact with an area which has already been infected by somebody else with a verruca. The virus enters your skin via small breaks of splits in the skin. Verrucae are usually picked up in places where barefoot activity occurs, especially in places which are damp e.g. swimming pools, showers, etc. To prevent verrucae, we recommend wearing verruca socks or flip flops in communal areas.