Complete Footcare Clinic

Toenail Treatments

We treat involution nails, convoluted nails, and ingrown Toenails.

We treat and remove ingrown toenails and using phenolisation which will prevent new growth at the sides of the nail,offering a permanent solution to Ingrown toe nail recurrences.

This has a 90% success rate.

Common causes of ingrown toe nails include:

  • Wearing shoes that are too tight around your toe

  • Cutting your toenails too short or with too much of a curve

  • Toe or toenail injuries

  • Toenail naturally grows into a curve

Nail Treatment Aftercare

Your dedicated surgeon will take you through all of the necessary aftercare steps following your treatment. We recommend limiting activity for a day or two after treatment to give your foot time to rest.
For the best results, you should closely follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon, as these will help to prevent infections.